An entrepreneur’s guide to negotiating

negotiating guide Freddie Achom

Ultimately at some point in every business, we all need to negotiate. If you’re an employee, you might want to strike a better deal with your boss in terms of your pay and conditions. Or, you might be a sales person for whom the ability to negotiate is absolutely critical to getting a sale that […]

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Let’s talk about private equity in 2017 and beyond

We’re looking at a hugely unstable political time globally, and particularly in Europe, which has been influencing Private Equity (PE) deals so far this year, and will continue to do so. A range of seismic changes in the political outlook of the UK (with Brexit), the transition of power to a Republican government in the […]

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How I’m helping entrepreneurs get ahead

After many years in the corporate world, I’ve been blessed to be extremely successful. I’m proud of my business and life achievements – and have always been clear in my vision to ‘give something back’. Sharing the knowledge Helping young entrepreneurs find their way in the world of business is important to me. Having learned […]

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