Fintech moves beyond lending

freddie achom rethink strategy

Leading financial institutions are finding they need to rethink their strategy in the age of Fintech. For example, the profitability of one of the world’s leading investment banks, Goldman Sachs, has declined since the crisis of 2008. Its stock market value today has a ‘price-to-book’ value of 1.1 times. This means its shares are worth […]

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UK Fintech industry to play major part post-Brexit

freddie achom brexit

The UK’s burgeoning Fintech industry is likely to play a large part in helping the country retain its status post-Brexit. Despite the uncertainty surrounding exactly what leaving the European Union will mean for the UK on a long-term basis, moves are underway to bolster Fintech as a likely saviour.

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Let’s talk about private equity in 2017 and beyond

We’re looking at a hugely unstable political time globally, and particularly in Europe, which has been influencing Private Equity (PE) deals so far this year, and will continue to do so. A range of seismic changes in the political outlook of the UK (with Brexit), the transition of power to a Republican government in the […]

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