Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC is actively seeking interesting ideas, concepts and business solutions within the luxury goods and services sector. When we find a venture that we believe has major potential, we invest in the form of capital or through the application of our own resources, or both. We have an experienced team with expertise in finance, operations, technology, sales, marketing and strategic business planning. We like to invest our intellectual capital in businesses that interest us.

Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC activities include ownership of operating companies, as well as active and passive investments in which we provide capital, resources or both to support the growth of innovative companies with the potential to capture large market share.

Our Approach

Our approach is more creative than solely investing capital. We invest at multiple levels.

Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC invests directly in wholly owned companies in addition to partnerships and joint venture projects.

Our Investment objective is to create long-term value through capital growth and cash flow and invests in a portfolio of carefully selected start up projects and existing companies.

Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC generally targets equity investments of $1 million to $10 million, however, if there is the potential to efficiently deploy capital and or the potential for a significant capital gain, we will take into consideration projects and partnerships where as little as $250,000 to $1 million is required for the initial equity investment.

Our Selection Process

The investment selection process varies on a case by case basis, but the general criteria’s are:

> Projects with potential strong market positioning & market share
> Companies with consolidation potential
> Industries with predictable growth and cash flow
> Potential for national and global brand creation
> The opportunity to partner with an existing experienced management team
> The potential for significant value creation
> 5 times capital return within 3 years or a 10 times return within 5 years

All investment proposals are subjected to a series of filters, including country & political risk, technical assessment, valuation methodologies.


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