Freddie Achom on the rise and rise of AI

Freddie Achom - Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to creep into everyday life. From at-home systems like Amazon’s Alexa responding to your needs and ‘learning’ as you go, to AI chat windows springing up on e-commerce websites, you may not even notice its prevalence. Another use for AI fast becoming popular is in the office. In fact, two-thirds […]

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Six start-ups to look out for in 2018

Freddie Achom - Start-ups to watch out for in 2018

The start-up sector in the UK is booming, and in a year that’s set to bring more political and economic changes, it can be difficult to keep up with the best new businesses. Here’s my list of the most exciting start-ups you should keep an eye on in 2018. Graphcore – making AI faster This […]

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The start-ups disrupting the energy sector

Freddie Achom, renewable, energy, solar, power, windmill, fossil, fuel, solar

A key sector for change, thanks to the inevitable consequences of climate change and resource issues, lies in energy. There are various start-ups on a mission to completely change the way we all use it, make it and store it. These early stage companies are leading the way into the future of sustainable energy. They’re […]

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How a fintech entrepreneur is transforming finances for SMEs

Freddie Achom, fintech, entrepreneurship, finances, SMEs

A lack of trust by small businesses in the big banks led to the development of fintech invoice-finance marketplace MarketInvoice. Co-founded by CEO Anil Stocker, the start-up is helping small businesses bridge the financial gaps in their balance sheets, and it’s rocketing towards success. His research showed that small businesses strongly feel that big banks […]

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Why Fintech will evolve massively over the next five years

Freddie Achom, Fintech

Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal recently said that Fintech (the financial technology sector) will change more in the next five years than during the last 30. It certainly looks like this will be the case. There is no longer any doubt that millennials are hugely disrupting many industries, and none more so than with the […]

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Fintech moves beyond lending

freddie achom rethink strategy

Leading financial institutions are finding they need to rethink their strategy in the age of Fintech. For example, the profitability of one of the world’s leading investment banks, Goldman Sachs, has declined since the crisis of 2008. Its stock market value today has a ‘price-to-book’ value of 1.1 times. This means its shares are worth […]

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Embracing Fintech is saving money

freddie achom fintech

Around two-thirds of businesses in the UK have opened their arms to financial technology (Fintech). According to a survey handled by finance firm MarketInvoice, the implementation of Fintech across many sectors is saving UK businesses approximately £4.6 billion.

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UK Fintech industry to play major part post-Brexit

freddie achom brexit

The UK’s burgeoning Fintech industry is likely to play a large part in helping the country retain its status post-Brexit. Despite the uncertainty surrounding exactly what leaving the European Union will mean for the UK on a long-term basis, moves are underway to bolster Fintech as a likely saviour.

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Top social media management tools for business

Freddie Achom social media

Now that social media is very much part of every successful business’ strategy, it’s an important area to concentrate your attention on. Just how do you stay on top of social media tasks, particularly when you are focusing on other areas of your start up? From content creation through to reporting and analytics, it can […]

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